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By pivoting their event to virtual, this award ceremony was able to increase viewership to more than a thousand people. This retained sponsors better and allowed more support for the event’s mission.

The Background

Traditionally, this event hosted 1000 guests in person. They met at a large convention center for dinner while the NWA Business Journal presented awards to business owners and leaders. The Business Journal decided to do everything differently and pivot this event to fully virtual.

The Challenge

Instead of meeting in the typical large convention center, the focus for their desired venue simply needed live streaming capability and a stage for award presentations. This studio also needed to house a stage to give awards to recipients. This poses a challenge for the Business Journal because built-out television studios are extremely expensive, and usually only available in large cities.

The Solution

Their organization hired our team to aid them in shifting this event to virtual. Our team transformed a blank room, which was across the street from their offices, into a studio. We built out a large main stage surrounded by cameras, all feeding into our switchers which allow us to live stream everything flawlessly.

The Results

In the past, this event had a finite amount of seats. The only viewers were those who could buy a ticket and sit in a ballroom. Pivoting to virtual allowed this award ceremony more viewers, which made sponsors happy and supported the business owners even more.