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When it comes to planning an annual event, consistency in your production team eliminates a great deal of planning time and stress. Once you find a team you trust, making small adjustments to enhance your attendee’s experience continues to raise the bar of excellence and add to the fulfillment of hosting an unforgettable event.

The Background

EAST is a non-profit focusing on transforming the current education system using technology. A modern-day shop class full of tech instead of woodworking tools. Each summer, they host an event providing continuing education for teachers and staff. This event moves around different parts of the state to make travel easier for some year after year.

Women speaks in front of a crowd of people

The Challenge

It would be strenuous on time and resources for EAST to start over with a new production company for each conference. New city, venue, details, but the same event. Why start over every time?

The Solution

Instead of meeting a new production team based in each new city, EAST trusts our team with the event and we travel with them as an extension of their team. Since we have produced the conference year after year, the planning process is expedited, simple and executed with continued excellence each and every year.

Two audio technicians sit behind computer monitors

An audio technician sits behind a console while the event takes place

The Results

EAST is able to maintain consistent annual training for its teachers. Since they use avad3 as their production team, they can trust that stress will be eliminated in all aspects of event planning and execution.

The Technical

EAST needed a larger platform to inform and educate their hundreds of teachers. High-quality audio, a large projection screen, video recording with live streaming capability, and a main stage all present great tools to aid EAST in achieving its goal. Our technicians monitored everything in real-time to allow seamless transitions and a problem-free event.