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This nonprofit’s event was held in a challenging outdoor environment with multiple sources of loud background noise. Using expert audio engineers, their audience was able to hear the important messages on the main stage even with distracting surroundings.

The Background

Every year, the Scott Family Amazeum brings together its key stakeholders in order to support their cause. 1 in 5 guests gets to enjoy the museum completely free thanks to the donors at this annual event. The Amazeum’s Ungala is unlike most fundraisers. Even though it is a children’s museum, the exhibits are transformed to cater to anyone 21+ years old. This “adult playground” is complete with food and drinks catered by food trucks, art exhibits, and interactive booths. All of these elements are centered around a large main stage.

Large crowd stand in front of large main stage outdoors.

The Challenge

A flat, open parking lot sounds like the easiest place to set up the main stage. In fact, for the hydraulic portable stage we provided an LED wall it’s perfect. The problem lies within the audio of the event. The sound system has to be loud enough to reach people hundreds of feet away without hurting the ears of anyone sitting close. For this event, it became even more difficult when a nearby food truck fired up 2 generators. On top of that, the exhibit located next door to the main stage was holding a contest for the loudest scream. Talk about distracting. What are the repercussions of guests leaving having not heard what you needed them to hear?

An avad3 team member works on audio console while show is live.

The Solution

Our audio techs carefully monitored and tweaked the event’s audio in real-time to override the background noise. We’ll spare you the details, but by using a bunch of audio engineering techniques, these skilled techs knew exactly how to drown out the most annoying sounds. Hiring the right professionals to monitor and tweak the audio at your event will ensure that your audience can properly hear your event’s message.

avad3 Team member stands in the very back of the crowd actively videoing the stage.

The Results

For Amazeum, this helped the main stage become the center of attention while properly communicating its message to the hundred families in attendance. Even with all of the fun events happening simultaneously, the main event still captivates people’s attention. All of this came together to allow Amazeum to meet its donation goals, securing another year of low-cost and engaging exhibits for any families that visit.