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By using a large hydraulic main stage to act as the center of the event, Bentonville was able to attract more guests to their event. Hiring a professional production company also allowed their message to be better communicated to more people.

The Background

Downtown Bentonville hosts an event on the first Friday of almost every month in the heart of Bentonville, the square. Many large companies, non-profits, and other organizations sponsor this event with tents dedicated to interacting with the attendees.

The Challenge

“First Friday” is more than just a block party. Entertainment from all across the United States travels to perform at this event. Bentonville also uses this platform to give important announcements and updates to its residents. The issue is clearly amplifying the entertainment and announcements while the square is packed with noise. Finally, when the night is over, all staging and tents must be packed up very quickly so that it won’t disrupt surrounding businesses.

The Solution

Downtown Bentonville hires our team to run the lights and audio for this main stage. We ensure that the band and their messages are heard, despite the amount of background noise. We brought in a large, covered, hydraulic mainstage, which makes setting up and tearing everything down very simple and quick. Within an hour or less, this stage can be fully operational.

A covered stage with a band and purple lights sit in front of a crowd at dusk.

The Results

The “avad3 Mainstage” acts as a hub for this event. Whoever is performing can be heard loud and clearly throughout the square.

A band plays on a covered stage at night. Lights surround them, and an American Flag sits behind them.