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Events should not be limited by the production available in close proximity. Just because you are based in a smaller city, does not mean your events have to be lower quality. Here’s why:

Arkansas Tech University is a college located in a smaller population town. This limits their ability to find quality production for their events. Luckily this is a very easy barrier to overcome. Instead of settling for basic/outdated A/V support, this college travels in our team to provide a flawless event.

Many college graduates sit facing a large screen, speakers, and a stage in an arena

Arkansas Tech University’s Commencement ceremony is held within a large arena. This poses certain challenges for audio that most do not realize. Audio for elegant ceremonies is vastly different than audio for basketball games or other athletic events. A completely different sound system along with a large screen to support visuals is necessary. For audio, ATU utilized two speaker arrays mounted high in the air for better coverage. This sound system was run by our talented audio technicians. For visuals, we set up our large LED wall to display any visuals the ceremony needed.

By traveling in experts to lead and execute their production needs, ATU succeeded in its goal of hosting a flawless commencement. Crystal clear arena audio and a large LED wall would have not been possible with the resources of a small A/V company.