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By hiring the same production team for every special grand opening event, this corporation is able to remain consistent and save time in planning.

In the world of retail, grand openings are important. Media, staff, customers, and executive leadership all attend to support the company in its new endeavor. With all eyes watching, and all ears listening to important leadership speak, A/V needs to be flawless.

One of our technicians pushes cases outside next to a truck.

As a Fortune 1 company, Walmart has locations throughout the United States. It is routine to transport leadership from location to location, but it can be difficult to remain consistent in the production of each event. Starting over with new A/V at every ‘Walmart Health’ grand opening would waste time and resources.

A Walmart executive speaks at a podium outdoors.

Our business model is built around traveling alongside this corporation’s leadership, supporting the brand consistently with A/V. This saves time planning and ensures flawless execution for similar programs held in different locations.

A crowd of around 100 people sits around a presentation outdoors.