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For its inaugural Seller’s Summit in Las Vegas, Walmart Marketplace needed a production company that could provide comprehensive services at the highest quality. Planning the seamless execution of a multi-day event for thousands of attendees is a significant undertaking, but our team was ready for the challenge.

From the beginning of the planning process, our team worked with Walmart Marketplace and Caesar’s Forum to create an event that was innovative, efficient, and provided a valuable and unique experience for attendees. We conducted site visits and listened to our client’s goals and desired outcomes. We rendered CAD drawings for each of the spaces.

Rendering: Breakout Room
Rendering to Live Breakout Room Comparison
Rendering to Live General Session Comparison
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We anticipated and met the myriad of needs for the event in the audio/visual realm, including dynamic all-digital signage and 3D LED screen displays. We created a seamless experience for those who attended the conference virtually though live streams. Most importantly though, we took the vision Walmart Marketplace had for its event serving and empowering the thousands of companies who use its website as a selling platform and made it into a reality. Our work allowed their event planners to focus on the event content and trust that we would handle the rest.

Our attention to detail and staffing structure was crucial to the event’s success. We managed a crew of over 400 with an always-present leadership team that ensured anyone who had a question or needed help could find the right person easily and get what they needed quickly. Even with an event this size, every detail was taken care of with the same level of dedication to flawlessness. Consistency is so important – the microphones must work all of the time, not most of the time. The teleprompters and speakers and lighting systems all have to contribute to the success of the event without ever being noticed. Our team was organized in a way that left no gaps and guaranteed reliability.

In many ways the Seller’s Summit operated like multiple events of different sizes. We were tasked with creating the setup for lobby and registration areas as well as the main event rooms, all of which had to work effectively for large crowds. In addition, multiple breakout rooms of various capacities and small meeting and conversation spaces were required. We were able to scale the innovation and event vision, as well as the technical and logistical offerings, to perfectly suit each situation. The attention to detail, creativity, and efficiency that we bring to every event is never dependent on the size of the space, the budget, or the number of attendees.

Walmart’s Sellers Summit was a resounding success. Attendees and organizers alike were able to enjoy and benefit from the experience, and avad3 was proud to bring our expertise and dedication into helping Walmart’s vision be realized.