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We are committed to working with organizations that serve their communities, and ensuring the smooth facilitation of the 2023 Hope Ball in Little Rock was a wonderful opportunity to do so.


The 20th Century Club found us online, and after getting solid references, contacted us about providing a variety of services for their annual Hope Ball, their gala, and biggest fundraiser. Every year we create a Nonprofit Sponsorship Budget to help offset costs for as many nonprofit events as we can, so their budgets can be stretched without compromising their goals. We were so pleased to be on the production team for the Hope Ball and help advance their mission and vision.

Truss hangs in an empty room set for an upcoming event.

A medium sized stage with truss mounted above it sits surrounded by round tables and pink lights.

Challenges and Results

Typical of many large nonprofit galas, around a thousand guests were expected for the event. We were tasked with providing dependable microphones, large video screens, IMAG cameras and displays (live feed of the stage magnified on screens so it’s easily visible from a distance), and both lighting and sound setups that were of the highest quality and could transition seamlessly from the formal part of the evening to the afterparty with a live band. The evening had other multiple components, including the presentation of the year’s Angels of Hope; high school students who have trained and volunteered with the program. We were ready for all the transitions and guests enjoyed a beautiful night.

A man speaks on stage with a large bouquet of flowers hung in front of him. The room is lit with pink lights.


We love the challenges and creative opportunities that come from doing a wide variety of events. We serve all kinds of clients and sizes of organizations. There is a unique satisfaction though, that comes from working with a nonprofit to create an event that helps them continue the essential service they provide to their community. We are proud to have been a part of the Hope Ball and look forward to working with the 20th Century Club again.

The avad3 Event Production logo is placed on a pink table-holder.