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COPS (Concerns of Police Survivors) is a national non-profit dedicated to supporting the families, friends, and co-workers of fallen police officers. Every year on the week of May 15 (National Peace Officers Memorial Day) thousands of their members attend a conference. As a non-profit organization, remaining within their budget is a top priority for the COPS organization.

By using a smaller traveling production crew rather than multiple crew members in various locations, avad3 was able to reduce their meetings, waste less time and equipment, and stay within their tight budget.

The Challenge To Solve

Similar to many non-profits, COPS is completely funded by grants and donations. This allows the organization to be free to join for its 60,000 members. For an organization dedicated to such a selfless cause and thriving mission, its message deserves to be presented clearly with crisp audio and beautiful lighting. With the annual conference located in Washington D.C., the challenge was to remain budget-conscious in every aspect. This conference in particular was held in 3 separate locations over multiple days and included multiple breakout rooms. All of these logistics make staying within a tight budget even more demanding.

The Solution

Any potential for wasted time or expenses needed to be cut out. Utilizing a smaller, traveling production team became the clear solution. This cut out the need for multiple production meetings with multiple crews about the same subject. Upon arriving in Washington D.C, our team set up the first show and organized gear ahead of time. Then, our team acted as an extension of the COPS team, leapfrogging from one location to the next. We tore down each show and set up the next as the event progressed. By recycling the setup, we were able to save COPS from spending thousands of extra dollars on production gear. Using the same production crew and gear kept the show consistently flawless and further reduced cost.

The Results

Despite being tied to a strained budget, COPS was able to have a consistent, beautiful event. By having the same team on-site for all 3 days, we developed a great relationship with the client and better learned their needs for current and future events. Using a traveling production team allowed the COPS conference to stay within their budget and focus on its goal; supporting the families, friends, and coworkers of fallen law enforcement officers.