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We just wrapped up a fundraiser event in a tent for Sharing and Caring. They’re a local non-profit that was definitely on a budget for their event. They didn’t need it to be flashy, but with having a hybrid audience (in the tent and online) they knew the production couldn’t fail. 

This new normal of all events being hybrid, it brings a whole new level of responsibility on the shoulders of event production teams. Before, budget events could get away with rock bottom barebones A/V companies, and if the show had its bumps it was ok. Why? Because the audience in the room was more forgiving of the situation. Now, with audiences being split and some being at home, events have to be tighter than ever. What was forgivable in person feels like dead air at home. In a fundraising environment, captivating audiences and capturing their hearts to give generously doesn’t happen by accident. 

We’re proud of the work we did on this event for this non-profit. We hope by seeing this you see our heartbeat as a team is not chasing after the biggest budgets, it’s about making the greatest impact with the budget dollars we are entrusted with. We’re here to capture and amplify the mission of these organizations that are making a difference. It was an honor and a privilege to be there with them on their biggest day. We know their in-person audience and at-home viewers responded to their vision thanks to it looking and sounding its best.