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By using a skilled team of production professionals, this dynamic event was able to succeed despite being hosted in multiple venues.

The Background

This conference consisted of 45 attendees meeting for multiple days at many different venues. They met to discuss better ways to shape cities across the United States and build better infrastructure for communities.

The Challenge

The venues for this event were unique spaces spread out across Tulsa, Oklahoma; none of which were designed specifically for events. This poses a challenge to fit high-scale setups in these different locations.

Stage and chairs sit in large room with a camera in the foreground

The Solution

The Agency in charge of this project called upon our team to take care of everything audio, video, and lighting related. They took care of the decor, branding, and venue coordination. Most of these venues required some creative problem-solving to overcome the unique challenges of production design. For example, in a lodge-style venue, we ordered special tape so that all of our cables blended perfectly with the flooring. Another venue was on the 13 floor with access to only a small elevator. Our team packed everything very tight in order to make the most of the small space.

Stage with two chairs and a back blue light

The Results

This event excelled at every aspect. with our team, they were able to focus on their details while we took care of everything technical.

Stage surrounded by tables and chairs in a classy white ballroom.