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By placing an LED wall in the heart of all activity, this race gained more sponsorship recognition and added a visual component to their event.

The Background

This fundraising event was dedicated to donating proceeds to multiple sclerosis research. All participants in the race competed in a triathlon to achieve their best time and donate to a good cause.

The Challenge

This triathlon was built as a circuit with sponsor tents lining the finish line area. With limited space and a specific budget, what is the best way for viewers to keep track of the race?

The Solution

In order to display competitor information and advertisements for sponsors, our team deployed an outdoor LED wall to act as the main hub. LED walls excel in brightness which makes them perfect for an outdoor event during the daytime. This LED wall is also trailer-mounted, making it portable and cost-effective. Our team also set up and controlled a live feed of the finish line, displayed on the large LED screen.

The Results

As the event’s main hub, this large display helped give greater sponsorship recognition and awareness of the race. Adding production details to this event made the event feel larger and added energy to an already exciting event while also helping event organizers add value for their sponsors.