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Hosting an event allowed a local corporation greater success in inviting its employees back to the office.

The Background

Coming out of the pandemic, most corporate employees have the choice to work remotely. This large local corporation believes that there is power in community and comradery. In an effort to draw more staff back into the office, they hosted an event for their team to help encourage the transition.

The Challenge

For a large corporate entity, time efficiency is of the highest priority. The location of this event is in the collaboration room of one of their buildings. It was important that our team set up and tear down the event as quickly as possible so as to not disrupt workflow or scheduled meetings.

The Solution

This event was largely based on a runway fashion show, showing off some of the nicest, and funniest of their employee’s sneakers. This brought hundreds of employees together in one room. Complete with a DJ, a stage runway with judges, and large screens.

The Results

This event succeeded in bringing hundreds of employees back to the office. All of them were excited to be back, enjoying their time again with their co-workers.