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This hospital network needed an event that was both creative and exciting to support its annual fundraising gala. By using a production team skilled in all areas of events, the hospital was able to execute its creative ideas, problem-free.

The Background

This children’s hospital is the largest in the state and supports thousands of families across the nation. Hosting an annual event funds the hospital’s operations for the entire year, so every event has a big impact.

The Challenge

Attracting and retaining quality sponsors is the goal. The year previous to this, the hospital hosted no events at all. Without an event to drive fundraising, this organization needed to make up lost revenue and provide a valuable/fun night for donors.

The Solution

This organization envisioned a ‘sports talk show’ themed event, utilizing a college athletic department for support. Turning this from an idea to an actual event takes collaboration, planning, funding, external support, phone calls, favors, etc. OR you could hire one team of technical experts that can manage all of these details with excellence. By hiring our team, the hospital organization did just that.

Our team traveled to the University to pre-record a tv broadcast featuring reporters from news television. After touching this up in post-production, our team then traveled to the hospital’s headquarters to set up and host a live auction event.

The Results

This live auction event succeeded in funding the hospital’s operations for the year. The creative twist on this event attracted new sponsors while retaining old ones.