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The Background

An NCAA Golf Championship brings in athletes from all over the nation to compete in Northwest Arkansas. After competing, a panel of athletes comes together to discuss their goals and performance with a room full of reporters.

A computer monitor shows a livestream with bright green grass and golf athletes performing

The Challenge

Our team worked with the tournament leadership to create a press room on the golf course using a tent-style setup. The competition also needed audio, lighting, and streaming support. Microphones and speakers to ensure every athlete was heard amongst the buzz of the press. Lighting to ensure their appearance on stream was excellent. Lastly, streaming service for online viewers.

A tent full of tables face a mainstage with a panel of speakers

The Solution

Our warehouse is home to professional event production equipment and our location put us in close proximity to the championship. Any last-minute gear the panel needed, we were able to supply within minutes. Our team ran the press tent, working with the tournament leadership to produce a flawless post-tournament briefing. The panel was supported by a professional atmosphere and the athletes were comfortable answering questions from reporters and fans.