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By using a virtual event setup, WISE was able to have increased attendance over previous years.

The Background

WISE (Women Impacting Supply Chain Excellence) is a supply chain management organization for women with the primary purpose of promoting the field of supply chain management/logistics. This organization hosts events to bring its members together and learn more about the supply chain industry.

The Challenge

How do you host an international group meeting at one University? Flying in every member would be extremely costly. Renting out a venue to house all of these members would even further increase cost. This organization needed a solution that allowed members to attend without traveling.

The Solution

The goal of this event was to educate members and bring everyone together – WISE succeeded by using a virtual event platform. Our team broadcasted a live stream of in-person presentations right from their home office. Studio lights, cameras, video switchers, and audio consoles filled the room and transformed it into a TV studio.

The Results

WISE was able to attract more attendees by using a virtual platform for their event. The TV studio-style setup enhanced production quality above a typical zoom meeting presentation.