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Despite a challenging venue for audio, this non-profit was able to successfully deliver their message to an audience of all ages.

The Background

Circle of Life is a philanthropy group that has been focusing on care for hospice patients for over 20 years. This organization hosts events every year to raise money for their care centers.

The Challenge

Circle of Life typically hosts events in large venues with lots of natural light. Their organization serves individuals of all ages. Clear audio is a vital aspect of any event. In this specific venue, the majority of the room was reflective glass which increases echo. The sound needs to be clear enough for the entire audience to hear while avoiding feedback.

An audience of women listen as two presenters give a talk.

The Solution

Our team has consistently served the Circle of Life organization over the past couple of years. We act as an extension of their team. We have solved this problem numerous times and our audio engineers handled it with ease. We also made a few suggestions to the production design that ended up saving them thousands of dollars.

The Results

Without a trusted A/V event partner, the audio would have been a stressful roadblock to overcome. In addition, Circle of Life would have potentially spent thousands of dollars more on equipment they didn’t need. Thanks to their trust and support in our team, all of these complications were handled flawlessly.