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The details matter for your biggest day of the year. For Mercy, this event needed to be successful. Our team helped them achieve that by elevating their event into a night attendees would remember.

The Background

Every year, Mercy hosts a gala event with 1,200 of its biggest supporters attending. The goal of this gala is to raise money for the organization along with raising awareness for some of the problems they solve. Multiple bands performed during this event, including a dinner jazz band, a country act, and an after-party band. In between these performances were an auction along with video testimonials from those who Mercy Health has helped.

A large room with hundreds of tables surrounds a large mainstage.

The Challenge

The technical needs of this gala go far beyond basic A/V. Those attending expected a high-level event with elegant decor and flawless execution. This 100,000-square-foot venue needed to be filled with practical yet elegant lighting. Our audio experts also needed to fill this large room with crystal-clear sound so those sitting in the back could hear important information.

The Solution

Our role for this event was to enhance the beauty and provide professional technical support. We achieved this by filling the main room and lobby with elegant lighting and drape. LED panels in the lobby played life-size testimonials from previous Mercy clients, photo booths, and a grand entrance into the gala. The main room featured large screens in a diamond chevron arrangement, and a large main stage, which was the room’s main focal point.The silhouette of a man stands next to a 7 foot tall LED panel.

Red, purple, and blue uplights surround a lobby area.

As the lights dimmed and the show began, our team then displayed program graphics along with videos to support the presentations. All of these visuals enhance the feel of the event and ultimately help raise awareness for the organization’s needs which resulted in more money raised.

4 main screens reading "mercy ball".

When the main event ended, our team then transformed the elegant gala into an after-party. The band invited guests to dance in front of the stage while our audio experts maintained professional sound from the back of the room.

A country music band plays during a concert-style break in the main gala.

The Results

Mercy exceeded their financial goals and provided guests with a night that will be hard to forget.

Team production members discuss details while the event goes on in the background.