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Saving money, and time, and constantly improving an event seem like monumental goals that do not have a simple solution. Using a consistent production provider, year after year, anywhere this event travels, has allowed this large non-profit organization to do just that.

The Background

COPS (Concerns Of Police Survivors) is a large nonprofit dedicated to improving and supporting those associated with a police officer’s death. Every year, the organization hosts an event with a large general session, and many breakouts tailored to improving mental health and building a community of similar-experienced people. Because of the large audience from all over the United States, this event will move to a new location every year.

A small conference room with around 100 attendees.

The Challenge

The event production needs for this event are not extremely difficult or technical. Simple screens with a main stage, cameras, audio, and backdrop. The challenge lies in the time spent planning this event. If this non-profit team had to start planning from scratch every year, many hours of time would be wasted, ultimately wasting donation dollars and adding much more stress.

A main presenter talks on stage with blue background lights.

A video technician for the event works as a main presenter talks.

The Solution

The solution for these challenges is to use an event production provider that travels with their team, year after year, wherever the event goes. This simple change allows for:

  • Time saved on planning the event. (Details and layouts can be repeated in different venues)
  • Money saved. (Our team is able to identify details that were not useful to the event)
  • Improved event, year after year. (Our team also identifies aspects that could be improved next year and implements them throughout the next planning process)
  • (Perhaps the most important) Less stress throughout the entire event process. (Our team is simply an extension of theirs, giving complete peace of mind with any problems that arise)

A lighting tech adjusts a light.