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Floor space was at a premium for this venue, so avad3 highlighted their event’s impressive visuals using ground-supported LED Walls.

The Background

Roller Weight Loss is a bariatric surgery center in NW Arkansas, providing patients with a health and weight loss ‘journey’ to a healthier life. They host an annual Red Carpet Event to celebrate the successes of their patients, giving those patients the opportunity to recount their journey by telling their story on stage, showing before and after photos, then walking a catwalk to exhibit their successes.

The bright sun peaks in the windows of a large room full of 500+ audience members

The Challenge

The client secured a beautiful venue and wanted to include visuals, lights, and the catwalk for the event. In order to showcase the patients and their stories, they needed projector screens for the visuals, but these screens take up space in the room, they don’t perform well with sunlight, and the client did not want screens directly behind the presenters. Another challenge was that this beautiful setting needed to be highlighted with additional lighting solutions, but lighting stands take up valuable floor space. They also needed a catwalk for the runway portion of their event, and saving floor space was necessary to extend this catwalk out into the room.

3 models walk down the catwalk in a purple room.

The Solution

The avad3 team solution was the use of ground-supported LED walls, rigging for an enhanced lighting system, and the use of a catwalk with our stage.

Using our LED wall gave the client a way to display the patient’s before and after photos after introducing the patient on stage and then having them talk about their weight-loss journey. By eliminating the need for additional room space for projection screens and placing the LED wall on the stage, we were able to showcase the information beautifully to the audience without distracting the presenters or using highly-coveted floor space.

We were also able to do some rigging, or moving the lights up instead of using floor space for light stands. It really elevated the overall look of the event and showcased the Roller patients in the best, well-light.

A graphics tech and production manager talk about details during a show in a purple lit room.

By using our own staging system, we were able to extend a catwalk out into the audience. During the event, Roller highlighted a ‘before and after scenario’ for each patient using photos; the before being the patient information presented on the LED wall, and the after was the runway walk by the patient, highlighting their progress and results.

Our team was able to provide this client with innovative solutions to their vision. Roller wanted to share in the success of each of their patients while giving them the opportunity to discuss their journey and showcase their incredible success story. We provided the technical expertise so they could focus on the details of their patients.