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More than 250 global technology and mobility executives gathered to discuss the next generation of automobiles. By putting trust in a production team that recognizes the significance, this event went flawlessly and allowed the presenters a professional platform to pitch their ideas.

The Background

Technology continues to make massive innovative strides. What seemed science-fiction years ago is turning into reality today. This event is one of those pivotal moments. The world’s top automobile and flight manufacturing leaders met to hear from startups, who are leading the charge on flying cars.

Two men stand at the middle of a massive airplane hangar door in daytime.

The Challenge

Since the entrepreneurs were presenting such a significant topic to C-suite executives, this event needed to honor and respect that. If a smooth and professional event was not achieved, it is likely that the startups would not get the support they needed. Starting from a completely blank canvas, our team got to work on transforming the space into a professional atmosphere.

The Solution

Located in an airplane hangar on a private runway, we set up a large main screen and high-quality sound all around the room. Our entire team came together, planning months in advance to ensure every detail was executed with precision and excellence. During the show, our sound technicians carefully monitored the audio making sure that the presenters could be heard. We also controlled all slides/content shown on the screens, the second they talked about something it was shown on the screens.

A screen is accompanied by two airplanes and many tables in an airplane hangar.The Results

By designing the room carefully and putting energy and creativity into transforming the space, the event was a success. Startups presented without any technical issues. Everyone sitting in the room could see and hear the messages clearly. This invite-only event accomplished its goal; informing and gaining support for the next generation of automobiles.