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Burlsworth Foundation is a non-profit that changes venues annually but keeps a consistent production team. They are able to save time on planning and still exceed expectations at each of their events.

The Background

The Brandon Burlsworth Foundation’s mission is to support the physical and spiritual needs of children, in particular those who have limited opportunities. This foundation hosts numerous events every year, all across the country. This event in particular aims at raising awareness and financial support for the foundation, in order to further its mission.

Large stage accompanied by 2 screens sits in front of tables

The Challenge

The Burlsworth Foundation intentionally travels this event to a new city and venue year after year. Like many non-profits, the Burlsworth Legends event has unique details and its own style. Planning time is valuable when each year is destined for a new creative experience for its attendees.

The Solution

Instead of meeting a new production team and wasting time repeating big-picture goals for their event, The Burlsworth Foundation has trusted us as their production partner for years. This cuts out the need for additional meetings and repeated vision casting. Founder, Marty Burlsworth can send us dates, times, and locations, and trust that any technical aspects of the event are in good hands.

A row of presenters sit beside a presenter

The Results

Our team takes care of events hosted by the Burlsworth Foundation every year. No matter the event or its location, the Foundation can rely on our team to take care of everything technical and eliminate the stress that comes with organizing dynamic events.