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Despite having a tight budget this non-profit organization held a stunning event.

The Background

Spark of Hope is a non-profit organization that focuses on building homes, helping women, and serving orphans in underprivileged communities. They host an annual event to raise money and awareness for their cause.

Women speaks on stage with bright lights shining on her

The Challenge

The goal was to have a hybrid event with a unique stage design for presenting. The challenge was fitting those details into a smaller budget, maximizing every dollar.

The Solution

Even in the most budget-friendly situations, there is still room for elevated and quality production. After collaborating with their team we crafted a unique design set by using extra materials we had around our shop. Our team verified and tested in-house projectors and screens. We determined they would be adequate for Spark of Hope’s event, further maximizing budget dollars.

Multi color stage

The Results

Spark of Hope exceeded expectations by hosting an event with a unique set design to enhance the aesthetics of their presentations. A compact budget should not mean boring or low quality. By trusting an innovative production team, this organization was able to maximize their budget and still outdo expectations.

Camera sits behind multi colored stage