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North Forest Concert Series is able to retain ticket sales and high-level bands to perform at their intimate outdoor events, due to their trust and dedication to one production team.

The Background

North Forest Concert Series is a multi-year, repeating event. They host 8 concerts every summer, and tickets are required. The stage is placed in the forest surrounding a world-class museum.

The Challenge

This repeating event is different from a free-to-access community concert. Many of the attendees are members of Crystal Bridges and purchase multiple tickets for this series of events. These concerts showcase a wide variety of music performances. Not only does the museum expect stability and consistency at each show, but the performers have confidence in what is being provided for their work.

Large stage sits in front of audience in lawn chairs surrounded by forest

The Solution

Crystal Bridges called upon our team to take over everything production related at these concerts. Our teams have committed to collaboration for the course of 3+ years. We provide a hydraulic mainstage along with lighting and audio support. Our technicians also ensure that each performance sounds flawless. With 8 opportunities to serve their community every year, Crystal Bridges wants to make sure these ticket holders keep coming back.

Trumpeter plays with another musician on a main stage

The Results

North Forest Concert Series continues to succeed in ticket sales, attendees, and the bands that travel to play. This gives Crystal Bridges a great return and more visitors to their museum every year.

Musicians perform on mainstage