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Many people relate outdoor stages to concerts or loud, large events. How does a large outdoor covered stage add value to a quiet yoga event in the middle of a park?

Hydraulic outdoor portable stages are a great event tool that can be deployed in under 2 hours. These stages bring a great opportunity to market a brand and bring attention to an event all while mounting lights, hanging banners, and allowing the gear/talent to be protected from the elements. For this event, marketing their brand was done with a banner, and the stage allowed attendees to easily find where the event was located in this large park in Bentonville, Arkansas.

For a small outdoor event such as this, the hydraulic portable stage was a relatively inexpensive addition to a simple event. The portability of a stage that can be folded up into a trailer helps to keep costs extremely low for local events in towns such as Rogers, Springdale, Fayetteville, Lowell, and Rogers, Arkansas.

Outdoor staging can be a fantastic, low-cost addition to any outdoor event, and add an opportunity for better marketing and greater attendee reach.