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Live events are the backbone of political campaigns, and they don’t get more important or exciting than someone announcing their candidacy for president of the United States. This moment only happens once and it is both the culmination of tremendous effort and the beginning of a marathon of work for the candidate and his or her team. A seamless execution is the only acceptable option, and we were honored to ensure that for Asa Hutchinson as he formally launched his campaign for president.

A crowd of 1000+ people stand around a stage outdoors.

There is no formula for a perfect political event. Because they are often covered by the national press, these moments will be seen thousands and even millions of times and must present the same quality experience from the live presentation to the photos and videos captured. The event production company should also anticipate quick turnarounds, and ensure that both the politicians and audience alike are never caught off guard because of a production mishap. For this event, we were able to anticipate the unique needs and assure delivery without needing the campaign staff to dedicate lengthy hours (that they don’t have to give) for meetings and planning sessions.

In a crowd of people, a hand sticks out and holds up a sign reading; " For America's best. Asa for America!"

We understand that often the day, time, and location of these events is determined by multiple factors out of the planners’ control. For Governor Hutchinson, the location of his announcement was at a specific outdoor site that held sentimental meaning for him. This meant that we needed to handle all the logistics associated with a large outdoor venue without sacrificing quality. Fortunately we had the equipment and expertise to handle it with ease and the location worked perfectly.

A large flown sound system stands high in the treeline.

As with any large political announcement, the attendance of the national press is essential for a good outcome. Our extensive work in outdoor areas meant we knew exactly what was needed in setup and production to maximize the success of the press’s attendance, and Governor Hutchinson’s team was able to trust that it would be handled without having to be minutely involved. The press appreciates our involvement at political announcements, speeches, and rallies because we’ll ensure they can do their jobs, able to be at the right place at the right time with optimal access.

An audio engineer stands in a dark tent behind the scenes of the event and crowd.

The audio, visual, lighting (yes, outdoor events need lighting!), and stage production work was entrusted to us through efficient communication with our client’s team, because they knew we could flawlessly deliver their vision and meet the diverse needs of such an event. We ensured that the layout and setup served the event perfectly, meaning that from backup microphones to high quality teleprompters to solid stage stairs to electricity needs, every detail was considered and handled.

Our video work allowed for a smooth and professional live stream directly on Governor Hutchinson’s website. Our site setup allowed for the superior audio system to be all but invisible so the visual focus remained where it should be. And our onsite staff worked tirelessly to ensure that the entire event was of the highest quality. We always enjoy the high energy and enthusiasm surrounding political events such as Governor Hutchinson’s, and it was a pleasure making this important day a seamless success.