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The Background

The 2020 United States Presidential election season was one our country will always remember. The Democratic ticket alone had over a dozen candidates vying for their names on the November ballot against incumbent President Trump. Mike Bloomberg was one of the candidates considered for the Presidency, and we were honored when his campaign leadership group asked us to meet them for multiple stops on the campaign trail.

Mike Bloomberg stands and speaks at a podium to hundreds of guests at an indoor event.

The Challenge

In February of that year, campaigns were full swing. Bloomberg was speaking in 1-3 places each day all across the United States. Locations were chosen based on polls and decided 72 hours before he set foot on stage. The stakes are always high when working under a compressed timeline serving a presidential candidate.

3 speakers on stands line the wall of a warm concrete room.

The Solution

Our team prepared enough equipment to have flexible options on-site regardless of location. We didn’t know if it was outside, inside, one hundred people, or one thousand people. We planned for the worst and hoped for the best. After years of experience, we’ve learned that’s what it takes on the campaign trail.

The Results

By sending a team of professionals along with diverse equipment options, each event was a success. Any obstacles that arose on-site were quickly addressed and served with excellence.

Large window sits behind a podium and American Flag