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From sports games to student seminars, the University of Arkansas hosts many student events throughout the year. Like many large colleges, the University likes to bring speakers from all over the globe to speak at their events. For this particular event, they invited an internationally recognized athlete as their motivational speaker.

The athlete, Venus Williams, sits on stage and laughs with a presenter.

Imagine if this athlete stood up on stage to speak and the microphones did not work or if the lights started to flicker. The significance of any guest speaker should never be overlooked. The magnitude of influence this specific presenter carried warranted the iconic, Bud Walton Arena. The University hired our production team to take care of any technical aspects and the staging for the event. This event was also streamed live to thousands of other students who could not make the event in person.

Hundreds of audience members wait in front of the large mainstage.

Hiring a professional production team mitigated the risk of technical errors and allowed the staging and lighting to match the importance of such a high-level guest. The University was able to focus all its energy on providing a valuable motivational event for its students.