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Production does not have to be limited to business meetings and presentations. This large corporate company provided its employees with a flawless outdoor movie experience with help from the avad3 team.

This movie-night served as a celebration of employees’ achievements during a multi-day event. The showing was held on a college campus surrounded by tents with different activities for over a thousand associates.

Speaker sits in front of a large screen outdoors

Our team planned ahead and created a portable solution with speaker arrays, subwoofers, lights, and a large LED wall mounted to a trailer. This allowed the entire setup to be packed up quickly if the weather were to change with short notice. As a celebration for over a thousand people, this movie night needed to be high quality for all viewers. The trailer-mounted setup set the sound and screen high enough for easy viewing and excellent sound projection.

Our teams collaborated in contact with the studio that owns the rights to a recent release movie. We then communicated with the studio, to ensure we had everything we needed to play this blockbuster film. All of these details are added together to create a high-quality movie experience for thousands of people, outdoors.

Audio technician stands beneath a tent

This event serves as a perfect example of a large outdoor movie setup for 1000+ attendees. If you’re looking to plan a movie night of similar scope, our team recommends budgeting $15,000 to $25,000.

Hundreds of viewers watch a movie on a large screen outdoors

It was a night full of entertainment for these honored associates. The movie night added value to the multi-day event by highlighting appreciation for the employee’s commitment and hard work. Events like this are memorable for the attendees and impactful for team morale.