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In a region that requires a production company to travel in, Summit Aspen chose our team with competitive travel experience.

The Background

Crossroad Church is a non-denominational Christian church nestled in the rocky mountains of Aspen, Colorado. Crossroads Church’s goal with their ‘Summit Aspen’ event was to immerse attendees in a night of music and preaching from a world-class pastor, all ticket sales from this event went to various ministries and non-profits.

The Challenge

The problem lies within the location of the event. When you’re in a smaller market like Aspen, not a major city, production has to be brought in. Large cities surrounding Aspen would cost a fortune to hire plus a fortune to travel. Also, the quality of this event would affect ticket sales, which would ultimately affect the number of funds donated to other causes.

The Solution

Crossroad Church searched outside their state for a cost-effective, flawless solution. Our team of professionals was chosen to travel to beautiful Aspen, Colorado to support their ministry. We transformed the event venue into a worship concert stage with an LED-Wall, large screens, and a large main stage. All for much less cost than the competitors from a large city.

A large crowd stand in front of a stage with blue lights.

The Results

The event was flawless. The attendees were fully engaged in the experience and listen to the messages given by the pastors.

2 production techs sit in front of an array of screens in a dark room.

A cameraman stands in front of a stage with a spotlight shining right in front of him.