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The Background

NWA Tech Summit is an event focused on highlighting local technology. This 3-day event needed to be fully virtual in 2020 due to the pandemic. Tickets are required to attend this summit, making the value of quality production very important.

The Challenge

Not only was this event virtual, but it also was fully live and the presenters were remote. Over the course of multiple days, that adds up to a lot of zoom calls and presentations. Coordinating such a complex event is extremely difficult, especially with no presenters in-person.

The Solution

NWA Tech Summit hired our team of professionals to run a “master control” room at our avad3 headquarters. This way, our team could control all of the technical aspects of the event. We had live producers coaching presenters ahead of time, prepping everything for whenever the focus would be on them. Amongst multiple active zoom meetings, commercial breaks were sprinkled throughout the show giving sponsors airtime.

The Results

Despite all of the complex details of this multi-day event, it went flawlessly. Sponsors, presenters, and the audience were all impressed with the production value in a time when in-person events were not an option.