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The Background

Every year, Walmart International hosts an event highlighting its team’s accomplishments and setting new milestones for the upcoming year. With thousands of associates spread out all over the world, this event is essential for all of them to gather and celebrate all their hard work achieved in the previous year. In addition, this meeting helps them find alignment with big-picture business goals and cast a vision for their success.

The Challenge

Scale is a BIG factor for an event like this. Typically this client rents out convention centers with break-out rooms, interactive stations, and a central main stage. Months of preparation went into planning an event with this exact setup in mind. Countless hours of extra effort and creative thought were put into making this event distinguished from previous years.

Everything changed 30 days out from the event. A new variant had cases on the rise, and hosting thousands of people in one room was not an option. Not to mention, the travel associated with those thousands of team members. Our team at avad3 asked the client for 24 hours to conjure up a solution.

The Solution

A fully virtual event live-streamed from Walmart’s headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas. We had exactly 27 days to pivot a 1000+ in-person conference to a live-streamed event: A fraction of the typical allotted time.

This changes how we look at meetings going forward.
Walmart Leadership

Although no easy task, our team worked together and made it happen. Every detail of the event was flawless despite the tight time constraints.