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For this organization’s small team, a large event seemed impossible. By hiring our production team to handle audio, video, lighting, staging, and show coordination, a large event with CEO presenters was made possible and immaculate.

The Background

This MBA program at a major college wanted to throw an event inviting some of its alumni and graduating class to hear from some of the United States’ largest corporations’ CEOs.

The Challenge

The small team of leadership for the MBA program never had the manpower in years past to organize such an event. The team had great ideas, but no way to execute them, which is where our team stepped in.

The Solution

Our team acted as the guide and an extension of the small MBA leadership team, aiding and executing all of the details needed to complete the event. We were careful to be respectful of the budget and made suggestions for the best use of every dollar. We took care of the typical event audio, video, and lighting along with drape/staging and the show flow. The small team also needed graphics to aid the presentations visually, which our team produced. Our team also coordinated and produced a highlight video which allowed the organization to advertise and market this important event.

The Results

The world’s largest companies’ CEOs were able to give impressive presentations and be heard by everyone around the room. Visual graphics supported these presentations, along with a highlight video produced by our team to capture the busy day. The MBA leadership team was able to execute their biggest day of the year, effortlessly by using our team.