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Switching from hiring the in-house a/v to hiring a national production team allowed this event to remove boundaries regarding their event.

The Background

This conference focuses around educating attendees and is hosted annually by a law firm. For previous events, this firm used in-house A/V providers and was always dissatisfied with the quality and attention given to the event. The in-house production would provide only 1 person who would occasionally check on the A/V, and the A/V only covered the program’s most basic needs.

The Solution

This was the first year that this firm decided to hire a professional production team. We provided 3 of our production team members who monitored audio, video, lighting and show flow for the entire duration of the event. Instead of using the venue’s back wall as was done in the past by the in-house provider, our team also deployed a simple set design backdrop for a more professional look.

The Results

These elements came together to earn the event more respect from attendees and give the firm something to be proud of. Using a professional team now enables the law firm to think bigger for their event, and opens up new possibilities for the event that was previously not possible with the limitations of the in-house provider.