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When you and your team are extremely busy with an ongoing large event – how do you take the pressure of simultaneous smaller events off of everyone?

The Background

Every year, this Fortune 100 company hosts a significant event celebrating its culture, employees, and achievements. Think of a large, informational business meeting with entertainment and activities. During the same time, other smaller events are held for the board of this Fortune 100 company. The board members along with their spouses enjoy a night of entertainment and dinner during the busy week of events.

Sign that reads "private event" in front of closed doors

The Challenge

This event typically takes place in a world-renowned art museum. This room is mostly glass, making it a difficult environment for sound reinforcement. Also, most of the A/V for this event needs to be hidden in plain sight – this private dinner is meant to be private. No flashy lights, big backdrops, or huge speaker arrays. Flawless A/V needed to be low-profile and out of the way.

Two audio technicians work in the background of a window filled room

The Solution

When many events are going on simultaneously, it is easy to give less care to smaller events. These smaller events mean just as much to the ones attending and speaking, so it’s important to give the same quality of production to any size event. This client hired our team to ensure this event was lower profile and thoughtfully executed. Any cables were tucked away and taped down, our front-of-house was set up flush against the back wall, and speakers were mounted to the ceiling.

The Results

Any technical issues this event might have faced were quickly mitigated once the client hired our team. The small night was a success with C-suite attendees enjoying great entertainment in a beautiful venue.

Two audio technicians talk