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Hiring the right production team doesn’t just ensure a great event, it also removes boundaries you might place on your ideas for future events. Here is how:

The Background

This organization hired a talented event planner to oversee the event’s design and execution. Being inspired by a “roaring 20’s” style gathering, this event planner then delegated all technical details to our team. The chosen venue was a wooden barn designed by a world-renowned architect, which was a perfect venue for the occasion but a challenging venue for an event.

Red barn in a field with a large crowd standing outside.

The Challenge

High-level attendees and a performance by a multi-award-winning artist meant the technical details for the event needed to be immaculate and not distract from the unique atmosphere. The beginning of the night was slated to be a presentation, requiring screens, presenter microphones, and stage lighting. The musical performance needed dynamic lighting and concert audio – all while fitting within the unique space.

Large room filled with flowers

The Solution

In collaboration with the event planner, our team set up all of the technical elements needed to transition from a successful presentation immediately to a concert. We also used specialty lenses for our projectors so that they could be out of sight and make more room for seating.

Golden hour sun light fills a large room.

The Results

The beautiful setup coordinated by the event planner along with the idea of a roaring 20’s theme gave this event the elements needed to be special. By aiding this event planner with any technical aspects, the fundraiser met its goal and provided attendees with a memorable event.