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For political event production, many teams collaborate on executing one idea. For this event, our team took care of all the technical details which allowed for a successful event.

America Strong and Free: Idea Summit is a nationwide political event, hosting VIPs and Governors from all across the United States that come to discuss emerging ideas. Financial supporters of these groups and hundreds of audience members are also in attendance, either in-person or through a live stream.

Political events such as this one take a large collective effort to plan and execute. Our team collaborated with the agency to plan the look, feel, and vision for this event. We created graphics that aligned with the agency’s ideas, to help support the presentations visually. The day before, CSPAN reached out to our client hoping to broadcast one of the panels. Because the client had our full production team in place, we were able to give them a resounding “yes, of course!” With a video output already in place, it was a simple addition to our setup that took no extra time.

Like any other event, the initial venue room was a blank slate with some in-house lighting and audio equipment installed. While still matching the agency’s branding guidelines, we transformed the room with:

  • Audio – A dozen wireless mics, fed into our audio console, all controlled by our audio tech.
  • Video – LED wall with video playback and slide playback, livestream, and broadcast.
  • Lighting – Tied into the venue’s house lighting, and added our own uplighting, gobos, stage lighting, and ambient lighting, all controlled by our talented lighting tech.
  • Room Design – Pipe and drape along with simple additions by request.

The technical details of this event allowed the politicians and their teams to remain focused on the mission of the event; educating and ideating America’s next steps.