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Taking a non-standard approach to conferences allows this organization to excite attendees and maintain high energy at its annual event.

The Background

This conference develops future generations of agriculture by celebrating their achievements and handing out awards to students. Special guests give motivational talks and large sponsors offer their support of the youth.

Youth member stands on stage with smoke filling the background.

The Challenge

Most take a standard approach to large conferences. A few lights, maybe a band, some prepared presentations, and a special guest or two. This client, on the other hand, always asks ‘how can we make it bigger and better next year?’ The goal is for the conference to carry as much energy and excitement as possible.

Governor speaks on stage with red accent lighting fills the stage.

The Solution

First impressions matter. This event needed to give the audience an exciting moment that honors the achievements of the participants. To make this special moment happen, our team set up moving/colored lights, haze, cold sparks, and geysers. All of these details came together to make the youth feel appreciated and inspired.

Lighting and speakers hang on truss above cold sparks.