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By shifting their event from fully in-person to hybrid, this organization made more money off of ticket sales, and extended their reach to attendees all over the world.

The Background

For over 6 years, Workmatters host a revenue-generating conference. Purchasing a ticket allows attendees to listen to multiple presentations, attend break-out sessions, and learn from special guests.

The Challenge

A problem that plagues in-person events is the ability to host all attendees in one place. More attendees = larger venue + larger stage + more equipment = potentially higher cost. Potential guests who live far away may not want to travel to the venue. This limits how many people can attend an event.

The Solution

Transitioning to a hybrid event platform allowed this event to remove all of those barriers. Those who lived states, countries, or continents away could still purchase a ticket and view the entire event through a high-quality livestream. Our team also deployed lights to make sure each presenter was well-lit for the audience both in the room and joining virtually. Additional lighting was added to add texture and ambiance to the rooms which further served as visual cues that this event was special. Clear, even, and problem-free audio could be heard from anywhere in the crowd or online. After the event wrapped, our team also edited together a video that contains all content from the event. Workmatters used that content and sold it on demand for added revenue.

The Technical

Before your event begins our team tests, preps, and packs all of the equipment needed to serve your event. For this event, we set up, operated, and packed up equipment including:

  • Stage lighting for multiple locations
  • Room ambient colored lights
  • Video cameras
  • Video switcher and other equipment necessary to livestream the event
  • Audio for multiple rooms
  • Edited livestreams in post-production with a quick turnaround for on-demand revenue

The Results

Workmatters volunteers and staff were able to sit in the audience and focus on their presentations. This removed the stress of technical details. Our team took care of the entire show flow as well, giving Workmatters even more peace of mind.