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Hiring a production team who travels with their organization helps this organization to save immense time in the planning process and gives the show a consistent look, feel, and flow.

The Background

With hundreds of thousands of members across 75 countries, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) is the world’s largest aviation community. Every year, this non-profit organization hosts an annual event to bring together a small portion of the community to educate, entertain, and network. This event is crucial for the organization and brings in large sponsors from all across the country. For 2023, this event was hosted in centrally located in Memphis, Tennessee.

A purple lit room with hundreds of attendees.

The Challenge

Due to its large size and the traveling nature of aviation, this event moves to a new city every year. Before using our production team, this organization had to restart the planning process from scratch for every new location. This caused many wasted hours in planning by having the same meetings over and over, making the event itself inconsistent.

The Solution

Hiring our production team to travel with their organization, year after year, helps this organization save immense time in the planning process and gives the show a consistent look, feel, and flow. For this particular event, our team transformed this Peabody Hotel ballroom with an ultra-wide projection screen, rounds, and uplighting. For advertising and marketing, the client requested a highlight video to be created covering the event. Our creative team took care of this video, as well as other graphics, keeping everything completely in-house and easy for AOPA.

The Results

The hundreds of AOPA members that attended this event listened to amazing speakers, such as a Space-X engineer, NASA Astronaut, and a travel T.V. host. These presentations were aided by our team with visuals, ambient lighting, and flawless audio. All of these details and a highlight video our team produced made Memphis a memorable stop for their annual event.