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The Scott Family Amazeum hosts an annual fundraiser event to raise money to support their mission and vision for children in Northwest Arkansas. After serving them for over five years, our partnership gives us intimate trust and clarity around what matters most to their supporters. This year, they needed to pivot their event to be virtual to avoid losing the once-a-year opportunity to connect sponsors to supporters.

With large corporate sponsors, it’s important that if they’re giving to support an event, that the event stands up and functions properly. That may sound like a huge assumption, but so often through the pandemic many events had major issues, especially in the virtual realm, and sponsor trust was broken. It is crucial to bridge the gap from pre-pandemic sponsor multi-year support to post-pandemic support. Having a gap year and missing an annual fundraising event simply is not an option for essential non-profits like Amazeum.

So, we took their annual event online! As a one-hour evening event, we treated their program as a television broadcast. We helped them use professional talent to guide the audience through the program. We featured their leadership making them look their absolute best with clear audio, video, and lighting. We also helped them save money by doing as many cost-saving functions themselves. When budgeting matters, and it always matters to us, clients use our DIY tools like our Prompter Templates and Show Flow Templates to do as much of the non-technical lifting themselves as they can.

At the end of the night, what matters most is the goal: raising money for this important non-profit. We were elated to hear that through our efforts of bringing professionalism to the event, those sponsors were pleased with how they were represented. We were pleased to hear that by keeping our costs low, they were able to raise 5x what they spent on production. We are here to support the mission and vision of organizations that are making a difference. We love to do that by providing event production services and we can’t wait to see the continued success into next year thanks to the hard work of making this year a reality.