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Nothing is quite like sitting down with your favorite artist and talking about their creations. What happens when that artist is located in South Africa, and his art pieces are the size of entire rooms?

Flying in an artist from across the world, transporting millions of dollars of art, and creating an entire exhibit would be expensive. Not to mention very time-consuming. Utilizing a hybrid event platform, 21C Artist Lecture was able to keep costs low and the audience engaged.

Every single thing was amazing. The team was kind, knowledgeable, and flexible. The equipment and video were flawless.
Danny Baskin
21C Museum Manager

The artist called in via zoom and had a camera feeding back so he could see and talk directly to the presenter. Using a projector screen and slideshow, the artist and audience were able to discuss his art in real-time. All of these elements were controlled by the avad3 production team in the back of the room. This allowed for a conversation with no delay.

Connecting people across the world in real-time is not an easy task. Luckily, our team has extensive experience coordinating hybrid event production. 21C was able to have a Covid-safe artist presentation from across the pond.