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Outdoor events present a lot of unpredictability. Weather, environment, ground conditions, and the noise from a surrounding area can all affect the event positively or negatively. For this corporate event, it was essential to host an event outdoors that included their top-level executives. By using an LED wall and a trusted professional to run audio, this corporate event went flawlessly.

The Difficulty

A stage, LED wall, microphones, and speakers are a setup that any production company has done plenty of times. The difficulty lies within the environment where that equipment is placed; outside. At any given moment, the conditions of the event could change drastically. With high-level executives speaking, their message needed to be clearly communicated to all their employees in attendance.

The Solution to Clear Communication

Outdoor unpredictability means that hiring an experienced production company is even more important. The world’s largest retailer called on our team to set up their event outdoors. Using an LED wall helped to offset the sun and give plenty of brightness to any visuals on-screen. This aided the executives in their speeches and added another element of professionalism to the setup. Our audio techs sat in the back of the crowd tweaking audio wirelessly, in real-time. This ensured wherever employees were located in the crowd, they could see and hear exactly what was being said.

Arriving at 6:00 am allowed our team to calibrate the LED wall without any external light.

The Results

This large retailer was able to host a flawless event despite the unpredictability of being outdoors. The message of these high-level executives was clearly heard by all of the audience, and the weather ended up adding another layer of beauty to this event.