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Kind Words from: B2 Cheer & Dance

We have served B² Cheer & Dance year after year as they host Spirit Competitions all over the Natural State. Recently, Brian asked us to come to one of his shows with a little extra, and we have begun producing a series of promo videos for his company as they continue to grow out of…
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Direction for avad3

We have entered a new year, and you have entered a new site. :) We have been working on this new website experience for you for over two months. With the new site comes a new perspective into avad3 as a company. I invite you to spend more than just a few minutes here and…
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Six-Week Outlook

Hey everyone, Cameron here. I try to keep a consistent 6wk scope set in front of me. I can’t always be looking long-term, but working day-by-day puts blinders on with no focus on the future. It is an exciting time for avad3. I can’t recall a six-week period that hasn’t been exciting here, but the…
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