Event Planning & Management

Sometimes, either by design or by unplanned circumstances, event planners determine that an event would be most effective by being held both in person and virtually, and some events are entirely online. This adds a layer of production that can bring challenges, but it is also an opportunity for quality production companies to add value to the event.

Determining the production needs for a virtual event is in many ways similar to the traditional process. The same questions need to be answered- how many people will attend? What is the presentation format? How long will it last? What are the goals of the event? From there, the production company plans strategically to ensure the needs are met. At avad3 our focus for virtual events is on dependable technology and making sure every presenter and participant is comfortable with the process of attending and participating.

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Platforms & Technologies

Getting the most out of your virtual event takes a lot of thoughtful hard work. Depending on the scale of your audience, we usually recommend leaning on your production partner to choose platforms and technologies that will ensure a seamless virtual experience.



The process for planning virtual event production is meticulous. A streaming platform is selected to best fit the logistical requirements. Your production team should meet with planners and presenters to discuss the way the event will work, and make sure the process is streamlined for everyone. The team should also make all the necessary technical preparations and set everyone up to be able to be involved with the virtual event as easily as they would attend an in-person event.

Production Services

Just like with in-person events, virtual events are highly customizable. At avad3, for example, we can incorporate all sorts of custom interactive features, like chat rooms, real-time polling, and Q&A sessions. We’re able to ensure accessibility through features like closed captioning and translation. The event can be live streamed and also recorded to be available for instant playback. We can give attendees a great experience without them having to leave their homes or offices.



Technical Support

Our team can ensure that the planners and presenters feel every bit as supported as they do at our in-person events. We provide professionals who are dedicated to the event and available for the duration to answer questions and help with last-minute changes or technical problems. Even though the structure is different, the results are the same: effective, memorable events that exceed expectations.

avad3 Event Production Produced This Virtual Event

Contact & Consultation

If you’re looking for support on a virtual event, we would love to talk with you about your options.