Since 2011, avad3 has been a leader in event production. Our expertise lies across a range of event types as technology advances and virtual/hybrid events increase in popularity. Live event production is where we started and where we always love to be.

Within the category of live events exists a huge variety of experiences. The size, duration, and purpose can vary widely. We’ve produced day-long meetings for less than 50 people, nonprofit galas for 500, and multi-day conferences for 2,000. Every event is different, but ultimately the basic goals are always the same: clients want their events to be produced smoothly and professionally. They want attendees to gain a valuable and enjoyable experience, and they want their production budget to be maximized while meeting all their needs. At avad3, our goal is always the same too: we deliver scalable event production while providing our clients with creative and innovative solutions that promote successful audience engagement.

The fundamentals of a production company’s work lies within its Audio-Visual (A/V) services. avad3 offers an extensive range of options in this area, including necessities such as speaker and sound systems, microphones, projectors, and screens. Within each area we are able to customize products and services to meet each client and event’s requirements. Keynote speakers, panel discussions, live entertainment, breakout sessions- every possible component of a live event has a unique set of needs and avad3 ensures that each need is anticipated and met.

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Lighting is another component of event production that can be essential to the live event experience. Stage and presenter lighting are usually the first things that come to mind, but lighting can have a tremendous impact in other ways. It can create an atmosphere to welcome guests into the lobby and even transform a large or uninteresting room. We love to help clients find ways to make lighting add value to their event.


avad3 is much more than a basic production company. We provide a full range of logistical, creative, and planning services, as well as post-production services such as photo and video editing and graphic animation. Our clients find that the more they utilize our services for their live events, the more value they receive. We always work diligently to help our clients define and execute their event vision, while maintaining laser focus on the innumerable details that must be handled flawlessly. Each client gets a dedicated event producer and ample event staff to handle all the behind the scenes work smoothly and efficiently.

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When it comes to live events, we find that clients often aren’t exactly sure what they want or need from their production company, other than that they need a reliable A/V and lighting setup. We are thrilled to help guide clients to solutions that are respectful of their budget while being creative and innovative. We love to hear, “Wow, you can do that?”  Our equipment availability is vast and varied, and our team is comprised of professionals who truly love what they do and enjoy executing events to perfection.  Live events should be memorable, and we work hard to make them so for all the right reasons.

Our work has taken us all over the country and allowed us to be a part of some incredible moments. Take a look at how avad3 has impacted these high impact events.


If you need a production company for your next live event, or if you aren’t sure but wonder how partnering with a production company can help make your event a success, reach out to us today. We would love the opportunity to show you why avad3 can be the resource you depend on to bring flawless production to your next live event.